Boot Socks

Another pair of woolly socks. Socks are all I’ve been knitting lately!  



Imperfect Spirals

I have wanted a necklace made of spirals for ages, and finally got round to making myself one. I used 1.2mm silver wire and bent it into spirals – who knew this would be so difficult!? They’re all a bit wonky, but at least you can tell it’s handmade! 



Cheshire Cat Socks

I made these socks for a birthday present. They have little paw prints running up the front and back and are the colour of the Cheshire cat because the recipient loves Alice in Wonderland!  (I apologise for the poor picture quality but I had to take the photos on my phone.)IMG_4030_2 IMG_4039 IMG_4045_2 IMG_4047

IMG_3978I also made these grandala squares for the birthday girl as she is making herself a big purple and turquoise blanket.IMG_3976_2

I don’t update this blog as much as I’d like to, as it’s all a bit time consuming! But I do use Instagram a lot so please follow me on there if you’d like to see what I’m up to. I am intending to get this blog and my Etsy shop a bit more organised in the next few weeks … that’s the plan anyway!

Dragon Watcher’s Hood

I finished my Dragon Watcher’s Hood! (Although i have yet to see any dragons when I’ve worn it …)IMG_1983 IMG_1991 IMG_2008The pictures aren’t very good quality because I took them on my phone and it was getting dark! Details on Ravelry.

I also received a lovely surprise in the post yesterday morning – a parcel from Suebeadbabe, who always does the most amazing swap packages! The theme was flowers.


All the items are listed on Ravelry here.

I sent Sue an iris scarf as my gift to her in the swap. (Can’t remember if I’ve already written about this!)